The 'San Benito'


one slice of good quality bread, wholemeal

organic garlic

local honey

organic, extra virgin olive oil

sea salt flakes


Okay, so I'm going all OTT on the organic, extra virgin, good quality... but I have just inhaled a book that has revived my awareness about what we buy and what we consume. Unfortunately it is not yet published in English but for the francophones and spanish speakers among you; look up Christophe Brusset at your peril.

Shopping locally seems to be the answer, and looking at the ingredients which few of us do regularly. If you are unable to be all organic with the ingredients, never mind, it still beats a pre fab, processed, "treat" as a snack any day in my book.


 First toast the bread, enough that the surface is rough. Then slide the garlic sliced in half over the rugged surface. Depending how strong  you want it, one or two passes should suffice.                    Drizzle generously with olive oil, sometimes stabbing the toast a bit with the fork first avoids rivers of the stuff pouring onto the plate/your forearm. Smear with honey and scatter salt flakes on top.