A yoga holy-day

What happened to your practice over the holidays? Did you remember to unroll your mat or were you thrown by the blissful dishevelment of your usual routine?

Do you relish the bliss of your practice or is it yet another chore to tick off your to do list?

The word holiday means holy-day, these are days to pay attention to. Days to be honoured, moments to realize the utter miracle of our existence. What better way to worship than through our yoga practice?

I like to litter my writing with questions, that you, dear reader, may become involved in what you are reading. It is my dialogue with you.

Why do you practice yoga?

I practice because it is my appointment with myself, not one I can be absent from. It is my return home wherever I am in the world. It is a space of utter curiosity, of wonder: a reunion with my inner child. It is a time to recognize all that I am holding and to realize that I can let it all go; just like that.

Can you let go of your asana practice? Sit still and observe quietly the racket that the ego makes. Can you pour your breath into your lower ribcage that it may fill the lungs invisibly? Can you let the inhalation move you? Can you continue to practice yoga in those moments you are given? On those holy days?

Would you like to take yourself on a yoga holiday?

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our October dates are sold out but we still have space in November, please contact me for details and to come on a yoga holiday with me!