Cultivating equanimity: the practice of Yoga Nidra

Through the practice of yoga nidra we have the ability to heal at a very deep level, or rather to unveil the natural healer in ourselves. 

Unlike when we take a journey to a therapist or even when we go to the average yoga class, through yoga nidra we consciously , progressively and skilfully peel our way through the layers that separate us from the deep pool of bliss that is at our core. We do it for ourselves.

As with most healing modalities, yoga nidra largely consists of letting go. The first thing we let go of is a notion we hold dear: that this human form is solid. We let go of the idea of the body as a solid object, but more importantly we experience the immediate freedom that such a recognition supposes. 

Such mental focus is required particularly in the beginning when we set the scene. We let go of those untruths about ourselves that we rarely, if ever, question. As we progress we start to pay attention to the feedback from our senses. It becomes a sensory awareness training over a mental exercise. How refined can our sensing become? can we begin to perceive that most subtle of holding, in the very energetics of our being?

Our intention is never to achieve a particular state but to be aware of the state we are in so that it loses its hold over us. The aforementioned bliss state is simply the realization that we can accommodate all states. Our awareness is all encompassing: we need simply to awaken to the facts.

So much of our suffering is brought about by the conflict of seemingly opposing forces, We are scared and also bold, trusting yet sceptical, loving but so defensive. We balance joy with sadness when that joy has come to an end, when some external factor disturbs the precarious existence of our so called happiness. 

When we come to realize that opposites can and do co exist all of our experience takes on a richer hue, a sense of truly being lived. Embracing is the only answer, all that arises is welcomed by this embrace of awareness. 

The practice of yoga nidra could be considered as nothing less than a journey back to the true self. Awake to it all. 

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