May a sense of wonder infuse our actions

Yogis measure life not in minutes and hours but in breaths. Only a body that is truly relaxed can receive the full swell of inhalation. Inhalation is the vehicle of prana or vital energy. Therefore we stretch, extend and reach in order to become softer and more relaxed. We strengthen to support our flexibility and to become more stable in ourselves.  All this leads to a clearer state of mind, an experience of more space on every level.

The steady beat of a human heart

The precious thread of breath

A strong and supple body

...we bring our attention to these in our practice. 

Yoga connects all the disparate parts and makes us  whole. We join the threads of our awareness to create a wave of concentration, and it is on this wave that we continue to evolve.  

Many people feel afraid that they are not doing the yoga postures correctly: in my classes I take particular care to be clear when giving instructions, so that the student can practice with confidence in any setting, whatever level they are at.


In Amber's regular classes the body is  aligned to maximize the flow of energy.  Postures are held long enough to allow space in which to go deeper. Classes are also dynamic and energizing, and the inner body is engaged to cultivate health. Working in this way leads to a greater release of tension. 

These sessions focus on the connection between breath and movement. The exercises are practiced in a state of conscious awareness, in order to promote suppleness in the joints. One becomes familiar with the various body parts and their processes. There is no undue strain in the postures and we cultivate a flow that is conducive to relaxation and overall happiness and balance in the body. 

Private classes

Taking a private class allows one the time and space to go into points particular to the individual body. 

We engage on so many levels when we practice yoga: the physical body is adjusted, the breath is attuned and the attention is honed so that it can sometimes be difficult to keep up in a group setting. 

In private classes, Amber is able to assess which practices will be of most benefit to the individual, and which areas need working on. If the student needs to slow down, they can - and the momentum is not lost. This will lead the student to have more confidence when it comes to self-practice and group classes and allows space for a personally tailored program with maximum benefit and results.


Amber is available for private classes in London: 07887 946 583