from Tatler 2011 - the best spa guide

from Tatler 2011 - the best spa guide

"Amber, what can I say? I found your style of yoga so refreshing/energising/healing…..the list goes on. After years of doing yoga on and off something finally clicked and I felt as if I had ‘found my yoga’! (...) On a personal level, I did find the whole experience very restorative. This was in large part due to your teaching but also the very warm and open nature of the group (...) and the very relaxing and inclusive atmosphere you all create at Trasierra."

Samantha Gee - executive director - Zen Savannah

Pregnancy Yoga:

"At Amber's class (...) I requested any poses that might help bring my labour on, particularly as my partner was going away soon! The class was amazing, and I worked hard and intensely. I definitely felt more open when I left and that something had 'shifted'. Over night I went into labour.
So thank you Amber!
My body was in the best possible condition to give birth and I really think that class did something to bring it on- and give me a great mindset for labouring."

Cat Bellamy - actress & new mum!