I learned to give massage in Nepal at the Healing Hands Centre.  I always felt drawn to explore the art of ancient Thai massage as it seemed like such a wonderful healing modality, and gave me an opportunity to connect with people in a way that seemed more profound. In the modern world, so many of us suffer through lack of moving enough, or moving in a way that is detrimental, and massage gives me the tools to realign the body and  people what the experience of their physical self could be like.

In my sessions, the receiver lies on the floor while I stretch and release the limbs, activate pressure points and massage my way from the feet to the head. It feels like a wave washing over the body and people emerge from my treatments feeling completely new.

There are also people who are unsure about the best way to get rid of aches or pains; they tell me where they are suffering, how long it has gone on and I am able to build a picture based on my experience of the human anatomy to give them a treatment that will help release deep seated issues.

Having always been fascinated by the concept of this invisible energy that travels around our bodies, I believe that there is a deep source of healing energy within each and every one of us, that lies as if buried and waiting to emerge. When you are able to feel this energy in yourself and in others there arises a deep relaxation - as if everything else ceased to be so important and life can become more playful.

Through ancient massage, the blockages that get in the way of the person’s own healing are worked through in a pattern that is both stabilizing and reassuring. The receiver feels more at home in their own body, and therefore more able to truly open up.

Ancient “thai” massage is a system devised 2600 years ago. It works with the whole body and aims to re-balance the energy system leading to a state of wholeness and vitality. As a purely physical treatment it is thorough, deeply relaxing and energizing at the same time.