Trasierra - in Cazalla De La Sierra, Spain

10th-14th October 2019 - HillYoga - Gioconda & Amber - FULLY BOOKED

22nd-26th April 2020 - Hill Yoga & Horse Riding

13th-17th May 2020 - Hill Yoga collaboration with Advaya Initiative

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Weekend retreats celebrating yoga & food at Trasierra.

"Amber and Gioconda Scott are sisters who were brought up in the hills of southern Spain. Their childhood and early youth was punctuated by long stays in India. It was here that a connection was made to the non-dualistic tradition of yoga and open-hearted living. Both have lived lives led by their respective passions for yoga & food:

Amber has been running yoga and hill walking retreats at Trasierra for almost a decade.

Her teaching style summons up the intelligence of the student so that the practice becomes truly integrated. Connecting neurological pathways in the physical body means that each movement we make provides a pathway to greater understanding of the self and the way we operate. Deep shifts are given space to occur and the practice becomes truly transformative.

Gioconda has spent many years travelling the world gaining culinary experience; Italy, Lebanon, India, USA, Argentina, Morocco are but a few of the places where she has worked. Her innate knowledge of food is married to her natural curiosity and passion. It is this alchemy that makes every meal with Gioconda a feast.

Her class and demonstration will be an opportunity to take home valuable tools for sustainable healthy eating.

Taking the time to go on retreat is an opportunity to recharge your entire system. The sisters, with one foot in paradise and one in the real world, bring their unique talents to these few days of taking care of our bodies and rethinking the way we live.

Trasierra is the ideal place to deeply restore and absorb peace. A haven, well known by those who seek gentle stimulation and rest, it provides the perfect setting for immersing in yoga practices.

For over a decade seekers have come to Trasierra to contemplate deeply and emerge feeling light.

Come and be inspired by good company, walk the ravishingly beautiful hills of the Sierra Norte, drink in the aromas of wild thyme, wild lavender, olive leaf and red earth. Let the open skies lift your spirits and give you space to wonder."

prices from £850 per person for 4 nights

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Throughout the year, we gather together to practice yoga and walk the hills of the Sierra Norte, north of Sevilla. Trasierra is truly one of the most magical places on earth and fully supportive to a week of relaxation, restoration and deeper self-discovery.

Nestled in the Andalusian hills, we soak up the stillness, we allow the air to infuse the cells of our being, we nourish ourselves with delicious food and company: we become whole again.

Retreats are a special time when everything is taken care of and you need to just drift from moment to moment. In the yoga studio, I guide you carefully through the postures, these ancient methods of stress release: we stretch, we strengthen, we knock down and we rebuild in a better direction. We refresh, we energize and we remind ourselves over and over that we can be vital, we can wake up to the wonder of being human.

We listen to what’s going on inside the body in the knowledge that the outer world is kind, safe and at peace. The surroundings are elevating, conducive to deep rest and meditation.

And we laugh! In good company, stories are shared and there is an energy that propels one further. When technology and social pressures are removed, the true self can be revealed and there is a light heartedness to what follows. In yoga this is known as lila: divine play. There is time to converse, to read, to watch movies, to truly play and explore…There is also time to improvise: horse riding, tapas trips, picnics on the hill, barefoot walking are all activities that can be enjoyed. Tennis, bird watching, photography, painting… the imagination delights and ignites.

Spaces are limited and the retreats are kept intimate and small: I hope you will be able to join us for a truly transformational few days in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

"For me, reconnecting with yoga in this way was so nourishing and rejuvenating. I loved your style of teaching and the whole way you ran the retreat. The walking was also such a great part of the experience - such beauty and let go to be in that nature. And Trasierra, and our room, and the pool, and the food... gosh... so much abundance and beauty wherever we turned. " Ben Sheinwald, UK

“Thank you so much for taking me on this wonderful journey to a new place for me – yoga. I could not imagine a better teacher to lead (beginners and advanced) to do, feel and understand the poses. Your subtle voice and words make the idea of an exercise and our body follows.” Tania Kunz, Austria