where to from here?

Yoga has undergone a sudden commercial explosion which while being a boon in some respects can also mean that it's profoundly transformative effect can be trivialized. The practice can be adopted as another lifestyle choice that defines one physically but ceases to recognize the deeper spiritual impact such a practice can have. 

Many spiritual practitioners and seekers run the risk of retreating deeper into their individual identities and disconnecting from the greater community. It is why many serious students turn to teaching. Whereas introversion provides a rich breeding ground for insight and a starting point for inquiry into the true nature of being, it is necessary to continue to reach out and experience the seamless nature of humanity. 

There are multiple traditions and modes of inquiry that lead to a more connected experience of life and inspire conscious action. Personally, although they go under various names, I consider these also to be practices of 'yoga'. Yoga is after all the practice of yoking with our awareness, its outermost and innermost reaches. 

From the tradition of Mahayana Buddhism 'The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying' is one of those tomes that can completely transform a person's life. In its pages there is distilled wisdom that helps the reader uncover a relationship with the world that is truly mindful and by extension compassionate. 

There is less emphasis placed on the name, the technique, the colour or the flavour of your particular spiritual vehicle, what is highlighted is the need, yes, the very urgent need, to wholeheartedly embrace the spiritual path. To take this precious opportunity, this human life, and immerse oneself in the selfless. To merge with the Divine, to practice yoga, to be present beyond finite time and space.

It has been said that we are all spiritual beings, we have yet to realize it. I have seen countless individuals have that taste of the boundless Self, that extends beyond the physical boundaries. Each time we say 'namaste' we recognize the each in the other.

So let us not shy away, let us be radically, deeply and truly spiritual... Namaste

p.s: that lovely human being in the picture is one of my first teachers, Alexa Harris, a truly inspiring guru.