love: the eternal truth


Through the practice of yoga we cut through untruth to reveal the truth of our existence:

In asana by highlighting the tensions we carry unconsciously and our identification with our physical body.

In breathing practice by showing us the precarious nature of our breath and how by trusting it we can soothe the neurosis of our cells.

In meditation by showing us the stories our minds regale us with: some wonderful, some tiresome beyond measure, all of them but a veil over the eternal truth.

Through our practice we break up these stories into their constituent parts and have a wholly different experience of reality, one in which all that counts is that which is eternal.

We accumulate nothing in this life, there is nothing we can take with us. When we are born, we are new babes with the worries of maya, the world of illusion looming large on the horizon of our inevitable ageing, yet when we leave the world nothing will remain but the residue of our love in those we leave behind.

It is true the physical body dissolves, it is true the breath ceases, and that the mind must eventually let go of its stories, but as we delve deeper we must know also that LOVE is eternal.

According to the yogis the root of suffering is avidya, not seeing things as they truly are. Could we just possibly let go of our identifications, of our opinions, give up our judgements and remain present with that which never dies?

In this we are all the same, all human experience is one experience. As we connect not only with the disparate parts of our experience (body, breath, mind etc) but also with other humans, our steps become lighter.

We don’t even need to unroll the mat to do this!

love is all