embodying heart

Bringing the attention to the heart is not a thought process. Thought can be conducive or otherwise but bringing attention to the heart is action.

The heart is responsible for the body's largest energy field, the heart beat is the loudest, the strongest and that which has the furthest reach of all pulsatory rhythms that our amazing bodies contain.

If we can connect with this field in our practice, not through thought but through our very actions, we can embody heart for a new experience to arise.

One of my teachers, the wise woman Leila Sadeghee has a beautiful way of instructing us to expand from the lung-heart centre when we do a simple action such as lifting the arm. Its as if the various, seemingly disparate parts of the body came into agreement and there is no longer any sense of compromise when we act in this way; embodying heart. 

The lungs and heart form this ravishing relationship, nestling into one another, supporting and promoting this continuum of life

And the lungs, expansive by their very nature are also extremely sensitive, the very material they are made of absorbs the finer particles of prana from the air we breathe. They absorb and filter not just on the level of matter but also emotionally. In Chinese medicine, the lungs are the seat of grief and depression in the body, they store emotional residue which through our practice we can begin to let go of. Through our breathing practices, through our conscious action.

Can we be conscious of the deeper effects of embodying heart? 

Try this; practice your sun salutations with this new awareness, allow the energy field of the heart to spread through your whole system like warm oil trickling into every nook and cranny. And once you've finished your rounds, be still and...let go