time to access the next level

Dear Ones, 

   I feel so honoured each time I teach, truly. At the beginning of a class, when we gather and take a moment to settle, when the plan has not yet expanded there is a welling up in my chest that feels like a small explosion. I now believe that what I'm feeling is love. I have interpreted this feeling as a gnawing anxiety; am I fit to teach? yet I know that my alignment is precise, my methodology carefully handed on to me by my previous gurus, I know that I am fit to teach. 

Then I thought perhaps it was fear, that I am not following my true calling, that perhaps introspection will take me where I need to be, but I have followed this emotion and no that's not it either.

And then I remembered the words of Shantideva, author of 'The Way of the Boddhisattva' where he emphasises the important role of fear in our path toward liberation: 'this human life indeed is no time for complacency', and I realise that this is what I'm feeling: that each class is an opportunity, an opportunity to be fully present, to communicate with intensity what I know to be true. 

I would be delighted for serious students to join me on my next retreat. I shall be leading a course at Emerson College from mid April and would LOVE for you to be there, please keep your eye on my schedule and contact me to book

If you're keen to start sooner, I shall be running a retreat at Trasierra with the Secret Yoga Club from the 16th-19th of March.... a wonderful opportunity to go deeper