The Power of How

  If only we could all agree that life is too short to churn over the past or put so much energy into the future; our projects, dreams and plans. But what else do we have? The jolting realization of presence is hard to come by; haphazard rather than earned.

   How are we treat our past and future in our present? Things that have already happened cannot come undone, but how we feel about them now is a different story. Things that are yet to pass hold no keys, only the present does. The future-in-the-making. Take the following quote from the Upanishads:

That is perfect. This is perfect. Perfect comes from perfect. Take perfect from perfect, and the remainder is perfect. May peace, and peace, and peace be everywhere.

   And what has all of this to do with yoga? Well, as long as we feel that there is a great body of yoga wisdom crafted by the ancients somewhere, and waiting for us to unlock its secrets at some future point, we are laboring under an illusion.

   One cannot do anything in the future, only now. We can think of doing in the future, achieving a certain pose, attaining a certain calm, but this is a distraction from the only secret ever worth knowing, the most precious secret of all. We are enough because we can only ever be enough.

   That graceful, perfect asana, that blissful, sage meditation, its never going to happen, it will last for a blink of a memory of what was. How about that for enlightenment.  

   We’re all in this together, right here, right now.