new beginnings

There is a very wise saying attributed to Gandhi that conveys the importance of not letting your life pass you by. "There is more to life than increasing its speed". I wholeheartedly agree, and if you have been to my classes there's no need for me to assure you that I agree!

How much do I go on about slowing down? Any why do we slow it right down? moving as if 'through honey', stretching out the breath and the limbs from the inside out. We undo the effects of rushing.


Our mind in its panic urges us on. It gives us this constant 'to do' list, that if we were to pause to consider it, we'd realize has no end. As soon as we tick one thing off, a million others crop up. When we do yoga, we practice letting go of our concerns for a time. For some this involves powering through poses, exhausting oneself into distraction. But I dare to say that this form of practice, when it becomes habitual, can become simply that: a distraction. Pleasant for a while, offering a moment of respite but the mental sufferance will re-emerge.

If through our practice we can bring up this sufferance and let it play out, what would then occur? Can we give it space? Could it be that through our intention 'to do' away with this sufferance we perpetuate it? It is a brave act to confront it face on. To stare it face on, to watch it dissolve in presence.

And its in this space that a vast swell of creativity can arise that will lead us to new beginnings. Yogi live on.

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