A word on one of my favourite poses. Anantãsana, side lying leg raised, perfectly stable, perfectly relaxed. This posture encompasses the principles of "sthirasukham" that we look to achieve in each of our asanas; Steadiness and ease.

Perhaps in lay words we could talk of it as the balance between strength and flexibility in a pose. People come to yoga who are too stiff or too bendy. People are hard and people are soft. We tend to overstretch or to under stretch, but to find that balance? this is to be truly present, no less.

Ananta was the name of the serpent king who, coiled up, provided a resting place for the lord Vishnu, Ananta needed to provide a bed that was both soft and steady enough to support the reclining god. It is also the word for 'endless' or 'infinite'.

When you adopt anantãsana, your centre engaged for stability, your heel reaching out to infinity, your under side body pressing into the floor without stiffening, your eyes so soft as your gaze turns within: you are present in infinity, because as soon as you're not: it all comes crashing down.

Can we practice this full presence in all the other asanas as well? May swift grace be with you