toasted pecans : yogic snack

Diet can be quite the obsession for the modern yogi. In this age of one squillion (deliriously delicious) cereal bars with enticing names and wrappers existing alongside rampant starvation, it seems perverse to not pay food the respect it deserves.

Yogic dietary guidelines praise simplicity above all. Think vegetables lightly steamed, plain rice cooked to perfection, fruits consumed at the peak of ripeness. Consciousness applied to what nature provides.

One of my family's favourite snacks takes time but no effort, just the way I like my asanas!

Buy a bag of pecans, suitably expensive but cheaper than a couple of energy balls; soak them overnight in water, then toast them in the oven at 100-120C until crispy.

Deceptively simple, naturally sweet and nourishing.

A yogi's dream diet.

Thank you to Sally Fallon and her book Nourishing Traditions for the inspiration. If it weren't for the emphasis on meat I would surely use this book even more.