Imprinting your Resolution

Sankalpa or resolve is a very important component of our practice as yogis. When we set our intention at the beginning of a session it is not only a mental construction but a desire that we place in the heart of hearts from where it infiltrates every cell of our being.

Throughout the sadhana, prana irrigating our vital networks, blood suffusing our sinews, we bring our mind back to our intention, reconnecting to this heartfelt desire. When the going gets tough its important to remember why we're doing what we're doing.

Every New Year, with all the best intentions we set out our resolutions which can be more or less ambitious but are nevertheless the voice of the heart. Over the course of time, the heart itself refines our resolutions so they become our reality. We can choose to listen, as we do in the stillness of meditation or to lambast ourselves if we feel that our resolution has evaporated. Either way that which guides us remains steady, pulsating in our very breath.


Join me for a Yoga workshop that focuses on alignment and intention.
Saturday the 27th of January from 12-2 at Yoga Akasha, East Grinstead

Through this practical and interactive workshop we use yoga practices to find our deepest heartfelt intention and imprint it into the very fabric of our being.

Using 'asana' to create a limber, supple body; 'pranayama' to soothe superficial tensions and meditation to ward off distractions, we manifest our intention in this moment.

Cup of revitalising tea included!

£20 for 2 hours."

Booking is essential and I look forward to welcoming you!