Abundance for the New Year

It's that time of year again. When we turn within and set noble intentions for the year to come. I've always been a fan of new year's resolutions. I think they are immensely powerful, even if you crack straight away,  the imprint of your will is deep and will resurface with renewed power next time round.

We also tune back into our resolutions from a different perspective. This resolve in yoga is called 'sankalpa' and we would do well to set a clear intention at the beginning of our practice sessions.

A few years back now I set the intention to not say a bad word about another and it served me very well. It caused me to reflect on what it was that I despised in others and to see these things as a reflection of my inner state of agitation. Surely I slipped , but the choice to be mindful is paramount here. Surely enough I now find it easier to see the good in people and I am a happier person as a result.

I would like to share a few tips that have helped me when it comes to setting these important resolutions

We live in an age of conspicuous consumption and though we could all agree that we would do well to waste less, we could also admit that its as if we've been programmed to consume ; so add 'more' to your list!  Our minds are mechanisms that consume insatiably, we consume information at a reckless speed and though short, sweet aphorisms are potent beyond measure we need to fill the spaces in our lives ; so add life enhancing activities, people and places, in my book this means: yoga, yoga and more yoga!

This year when you write your resolutions notice whether its the word 'more' or the word 'less' that is more prominent

Make your intentions stand out, make them different from last years, if your resolution is to give up smoking why not instead: take up pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), if your resolution is to eat less junk, why not instead: drink a delicious green smoothie first thing in the morning. Swear less? say I love you MORE. Stress less? stretch MORE. Wake up earlier? go to bed earlier. Use the computer less? make MORE eye contact with people.

In Spain we eat 12 grapes with the 12 bells that herald the new year, this symbolises abundance. 

its very more-ish

Happy 2017