energy levels - the gunas

Yoga shows you how you relate to your inner world; this is the first connection we make. Connection to how we are feeling, connection to how we are doing...

Connection to the natural rhythms of the universe, to others, to the outer world that is but a reflection of the inner world.

According to the traditions of yoga and ayurveda we can tune into different rhythms and be governed by them. Life passes through different energetic states known as gunas and we would do well to learn a bit about these as they can be really quite enlightening.

When we shine this new perspective onto our moods and those of others we can wake up to a different reality, one that requires our participation rather than our resistance. Matter too is a form of condensed energy and so is also governed by the gunas: the food we eat, the places we inhabit, the objects we attract...

My beautiful friend Xochi Balfour, aka the Naturalista has included an extensive piece I wrote on the gunas on her blog, so do click here for further reading. 

May you be enveloped in sweet sattva!