an exciting prospect

I was doing something mundane when a very inspiring thought brightened up my day. More and more people are getting into yoga, this is nothing new, the teachings of yoga reached the west long ago but big shifts occur over time, like the peristaltic shove of human consciousness.

All these millions of yogis who have been drawn to the practice for just as many reasons have nowhere to go but deeper. A small number of people may give up practice altogether but most become hooked, fascinated and completely transformed. These people who are transformed by yoga  are people waking up. The practice may initially be physical but very soon the more subtle effects can be felt and this spark ignites our very existence. 

The times we live in may be dark, some say we are living in kali yuga  the dark age , the age of disconnection for sure, but the next wave to come feels to be like a great one indeed.

I feel honoured to be a part of it. I salute my teachers for sharing their depth.

I am teaching a workshop on stepping up your yoga practice and learning about Moola Bandha, on sunday the 27th of November, 6-8p.m at Yard Yoga, Forest Row. Click here to book