Love to love you

May we practice with our hearts and not with our brains. Through the heart we are elevated in the postures, through the brain we become rigid.

Our mind expands into every cell of our being and brings back messages, some of love, some of hate. We aren't always happy in our bodies. Our bodies aren't always happy with us either, but we're married and only through love will this marriage flourish. So acknowledge the upsets, work through them. Sometimes its all in the imagination, can we recognize this? Work hard to not make the same mistakes again and again.

In your yoga practice you can bring your attention to the physical heart. The space around the heart increases as you open your chest, or when you reach your arms overhead. Notice also the space behind the heart, this elevation all around, as if it were suspended in zero gravity, with no pressure on either side. Allow the heart to be big and notice, notice the sensations. Any gripping, closing, numbness, be attentive.

Practice with the heart and all the greatest gifts shall be yours.