Pema will be covering classes on the 11th & 14th of June

No restorative class on Thursday the 14th of June

                                             REGULAR CLASSES:


MONDAY             9:30-10:45               Yoga by donation                                                          Village Hall, Forest Row

TUESDAY            9:45-10:45                Parent & Child Yoga    (start back June 5th)        Community centre, Forest Row

THURSDAY       18:30-19:45               Yoga by donation                                                          Village Hall, Forest Row  

                                  19:50-21:00               Restorative Yoga course   (except June 14th)       Peter Griffit Hall, Forest Row

                                               UPCOMING EVENTS:


YOGA IMMERSION - Theory & Practice     -           A day of study to inspire and uplift your practice

7th July 2018,  12-4                                                                 Yoga Akasha, East Grinstead             book here

HILL YOGA      -    

10th-14th October                                                             Trasierra, Spain                                       contact for details

 SELF PRACTICE     -    Module - Teacher Training Programme

9th-10th June 2018                                                                   Yoga School Kosovo                            more details

PAST WORKSHOPS:            

Self Practice     -      Pranayama      -      Moola Bandha      -      Inversions      -      The Sacrum-Skull Connection      -      Yoga  for Low Energy States     The Core Connection      -      Imprinting your Resolution      -     Setting a good foundation   -    Yoga Bandha: the Energetic keys